Micro Swimsuit

Hide little, expose big, cover little, tan big: that is the unique micro swimsuit advantage.  Making use of as little fabric as possible, this type of swimwear provides little coverage for a maximum tanning experience.  It is one of the hottest swimwear styles ever made in celebration of women’s beautiful anatomy.  With small pieces of fabric strategically designed to cover the right places and expose the rest, micro bikinis allow women to flaunt her physical beauty in its entirety.

Micro beachwear is a tiny version of a regular bikini, usually the string type.  It is one of the innovations from the regular bikini that French engineer Louis Reard developed in 1946.  As people felt the need for newer swimsuit styles in the name of fashion and tanning, skimpier two-pieces began to acquire several variations, some of which make use of less and less fabric.

With the kind of body and skin exposure that micro swimwear provides, this is not the kind of beachwear for the faint-hearted.  It works best with women having slender bodies and busts that do not need much support.  It is also one of the styles that require waxing before you stroll along the beach wearing them.  That is unless you want those unwanted hair obstructing your image of perfection.

The micro bikini set

This swimwear is composed of a matching pair of a top and a bottom made of very small pieces of fabric.  These very small patches of cloth are used to strategically cover some areas of the breasts, crotch area, and buttocks.  They are so small that they don’t get to cover the areas they are supposed to cover entirely.  In the case of the buttocks, many of these bottoms actually leave most of the butt revealed.  These small swatches of cloth are usually supported by thin straps or strings that hold them in place.

Materials used

Most bathing suits are made from Lycra or spandex.  With their stretchable nature, they provide a perfect stretch for the right fit.  Some swimming apparel, however, are made from a material called “crochet.”  This type of material is one of the favorites when it comes to swimsuits excellent for tanning.  It is because crochet has weaves that allow more sunlight to pass through compared with other types of materials.  Women who love tanning by bathing under the sun usually go for swimsuits made from crochet.

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